PETsys PET Detector Module


The PETsys MPPC based PET detector module is a PET detector unit comprising two Hamamatsu S13361-3050AS-08  8x8 MPPC arrays, two 8x8 LYSO arrays with crystals measuring 3.13x3.13x20mm, and one FEB/A 0808 board with two TOFPET ASICs. See the flyer about the FEB/A 0808 for more information about this board. The length of he LYSO crystals can be adapted to the user's preference. The crystals are in one-to one coupling with the MPPC pixels. The PETsys MPPC based PET detector modules, together with the TOF FEB/D boards and the TOF DAQ boards provide a complete solution for a PET scanner that that can have many 100 detector modules. 

Figure 1: Chip on board assembly; shown here be-fore application of the glob top protective epoxy encapsulation over the ASIC.


Figure 2: PET dector module with the outer protection cap and one of the LYSO crystal arrays removed. 




Figure 3: Flood diagram with 8x8 array of LYSO crystals measuring 1.53x1.53x15 mm3 on a 4x4 MPPC array. The crystals are polished on all sides and separated by Vikuiti ESR foils 70 μm tick. 



Figure 4: Dept of interaction determination validated here with a collimated beam of 511 keV gamma rays entering sideways into the LYSO crystal array at known dept. Distance is from the front face of the crystal opposite to the MPPC. The LYSO crystals measure 1.53x1.53x15 mm3.