PETsys TOF FEB / A 0808

PETsys Time-of-Flight Front End Board / A 0808


Figure 2: FEB-A 0808 chip on board assembly.

The PETsys TOF Front End Board type A (FEB/A 0808) is a low power, low noise SiPM readout board for Time Of Flight applications (Fig. 1). The board is optimized for being used together with an array of LYSO scintillating crystals as a building block for high resolution PET scanners using the Time Of Flight information.The FEB/A 0808 is based on ASIC1. A new version based on ASIC2 will be available soon.

The board integrates two TOF ASICs (Fig. 2) allowing the reading of two Hamamatsu S12642-0808PB-50 MPPC 8x8 pixel arrays. The board will also read analog SiPMs from most other vendors when using a dedicated small adaptor to the connectors provided on the board.

The PETsys TOF FEB/A, PETsys TOF FEB/D and PETsys TOF DAQ boards together form a complete data acquisition system scalable to several ten thousand channels. The FEB/A board can also be operated with the Power Adapter Board of the PETsys Evaluation Kit.


Figure 1: FEB/A 0808 board



Main Features

  • Signal conditioning and discrimination circuitry and two high-performance TDCs
  • TDCs for each of 128 independent channels.
  • TDC time binning: 50 ps (option 25 ps)
  • Intrinsic time resolution 25 ps r.m.s.
  • Charge measurement with time-over-threshold
  • Dynamic range: 300 pC
  • SNR (Qin = 100 fC): 25 dB
  • Coarse gain adjustment per channel: 1, 1/2, 1/4
  • SiPM family supported: positive or negative signal polarity
  • SNR and intrinsic time resolution as above stated are for capacitance of 320 pF
  • On-chip Calibration Circuitry: internal pulse generator, programmable 6-bit amplitude
  • Max Channel Hit rate: 160 kHz
  • Max Output Data Rate: 640 Mb/s per ASIC
  • Fully digital output, 2 data LVDS links DDR compatible
  • Operation frequency 80-160 MHz
  • Power per Channel: 8-11 mW
  • SiPM HV fine biasing: range 500 mV
  • Compatible with FEB/D board