PETsys Time-of-Flight Data Acquisition Board

Figure 1: Picture of the DAQ board.


   The PETsys TOF DAQ board (Fig. 1) is a PCIe based data acquisition board that collects data from front-end FEB/D boards. Each FEB/D board collects data from sixteen TOF ASICs in eight FEB/A boards (1024 channels). Up to twelve master FEB/D boards can be connected to the DAQ board using HDMI cables, or using optical fibers. A master FEB/D can be daisy-chained with several slave FEB/D boards.


   Therefore the DAQ board and the FEB/D boards together form a complete and calable data aquisition system that can handle tens of thousants of SiPM channels.



Main Features

  • Single PCIe board providing data acquisition of TOF PET ASICs
  • Compatible with FEB/D boards
  • Data readout of twelve master FEB/D boards and associated daisy-chained slaves
  • Max total input event rate: 12x72 M events/s
  • Coincidence trigger implemented in the FPGA
  • Data output rate to computer 250 M events/s
  • Operation frequency 80-160 MHz
  • Readout of frontend temperature sensor
  • Readout of TOF ASIC dark counters
  • Equipped with Kintex7 FPGA