PETsys SiPM Readout System

PETsys Silicon Photomultiplier Readout System

The PETsys SiPM Readout System comprises three types of readout and data acquisition boards - FEB/A, FEB/D and DAQ boards - which allow to assemble complete scalable data acquisition systems with tens of thousand SiPM channels for Time Of Flight applications.

Figure 1: The 128-channel assembly of two TOFPET1 ASICs (before globtop is applied)

Figure 2: Picture of the FEB/A board (top and bottom). Shown here is the board based on ASIC1. A new version based on ASIC2 is under evelopment and will be available soon.


Figure 3: Picture of the FEB/D board.

Figure 4: Picture of the DAQ board.