PETsys SiPM Readout System

PETsys Silicon Photomultiplier Readout System

The PETsys SiPM Readout System is designed to read a large number of SiPMs photo-sensor pixels in applications where a high data rate and excellent time resolution is required. It is composed of Front-End modules,   the FEB/D board with a FPGA transferring data to DAQ system, and DAQ board. Together  these allow assembling a complete and scalable data acquisition system reading tens of thousands of SiPM photo-sensors.

Figure 1 64 channel TOFPET2 ASIC (before globtop is applied)

Figure 2: The PETsys front-end module is the interface between the analog signals of the photo-sensor and the digital readout chain.


Figure 3: The PETsys FEB/D_V2 collects data from 8 Front-End Modules and sends the data to the DAQ board in the DAQ computer.

Figure 4: The DAQ board plugs into the PCIe bus of the DAQ computer.