PETsys Electronics - Medical PET Detectors, S.A.

State-of-the art electronics solutions for the PET detectors of the future, LIDAR and other applications

PETsys Electronics, S.A. builds up on its expertise to propose state-of-the art solutions for the PET detectors of the future, LIDAR and other applications. The technology offered today by PETsys Electronics, stems from more than ten years of R&D development involving a number of public and private partners: The R&D PET-Mammography Consortium (involving approximately 40 people from 10 research institutions), and assembled in 2003, was responsible for the technological solutions (i.e. electronics, mechanics, image reconstruction) that gave birth to two Clear-PEM prototypes. These systems allow unmatched image resolution and sensitivity for breast imaging using PET tracers. PETsys - Medical PET Imaging Systems, S.A. was incorporated in 2008 to further develop the Clear-PEM technology. In 2013 it decided to setup PETsys Electronics SA, to focus just on electronics for PET, LIDAR and other applications.


Mission Statement

Development and production of gamma ray detectors for the next generation of

medical PET scanners, LIDAR and other applications:

High resolution images and increased sensitivity

 Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a medical imaging technique of reference in cancer detection.

About Medical PET scanners

PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. PET is a medical imaging technique allowing 3-D measurements of an organ’s metabolic activity. It consists in the injection of a substance chemically labeled with a positron emitter (e.g. 18F-fluoro-deoxy-glucose - FDG). The radioactive decay of this positron emitter allows for the detection of two 511 keV gamma rays emitted simultaneously in opposite directions.
 FDG is a sugar analog and as such, an indirect marker of cellular metabolic activity, which may be related with the presence of cancer. In this case, the detection of the emitted photons allows the reconstruction of an image, which accurately reveals the dimensions and location of the tumor. PET is a medical imaging techniques of reference in cancer detection and management. PET allows cancer detection previous to anatomical changes, increasing the possibility for its early detection. The medical community agrees that early detection leads to improved cure rates in oncology. Increasing the quality of these images is crucial both for clinical and research activities.

Competitive Advantages

PETsys innovative technology was developed to produce a groundbreaking innovation for PET scanners that allows high-resolution images and increased sensitivity at a competitive price.

A new state-of-the-art gamma ray detection technology was successfully developed and patented worldwide, potentiating PET scanners with unmatched DoI (Depth-of-Interaction), ToF (Time-of-Flight) performance and an unprecedented time resolution of 250 picoseconds.

Previous work allowed PETsys to demonstrate the best image resolution available in PET applications to mammography (PEM) - (1.3 mm compared to 4-5 mm in current whole body scanners).

PETsys technology is available for clinical diagnosis as well as for pre-clinical research and can be tailored to the study of the brain or to research using medium sized animals.