PETsys TOF DAQ Board (Readout System)

PETsys Time-of-Flight Data Acquisition Board

           Figure 1:  Picture of the DAQ board.




The PETsys TOF DAQ board is the core of the data acquisition system. It is equipped with a Kintex-7 FPGA, it collects data from the FEB/D1024 boards, and transmits these data to the DAQ computer using four PCI express 2.0 bus lines. Each FEB/D collects data from up to eight Front-End Modules FEM128 equipped with TOF2 ASICs. Up to three chains of FEB/D1024 boards can be connected to the DAQ board using SFP+ optical or copper links transmitting at 100 Mcounts/s.  The DAQ board can accept an external veto signal and will distribute this veto signal to the FEB/D boards causing these to ignore all events received from the ASICs.

The DAQ board receives and merges the data frames and transmits the assembled data
frames to the computer. The maximum event rate to the DAQ computer is 250 Mcps. The
DAQ board also sorts the events in the data frames by chronological order to facilitate
processing by software.
The DAQ board, the Clock&Trigger module and the FEB/D
modules together form a complete and scalable data acquisition system that can handle tens
of thousands of SiPM channels.


Main Features

  • Single PCIe board providing data acquisition of TOF PET ASICs
  • Compatible with FEB/D boards
  • Data readout of three master FEB/D boards and associated daisy-chained slaves
  • Max total input event rate: 3x100 M events/s
  • Coincidence trigger implemented in the FEB/D
  • Data output rate to computer 200 M events/s
  • Operation frequency 160-200 MHz
  • Readout of front-end temperature sensor
  • Readout of TOF ASIC dark counters
  • Equipped with Kintex7 FPGA